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 McFarlane Military Figures
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Mcfarlane SportsPicks are NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB Mcfarlane Sports Figures, chase variants created by Mcfarlane Toys. Cases, sets and singles. Come check us out for all of your Mcfarlane Sports needs

Todd McFarlane Toys - Action Figures and Sports Picks

Bringing photo-realism to sports figures and action figures

Mandarin Spawn 12-inch action figure from McFarlane ToysMcFarlane Toys is the fifth largest action figure manufacturer in the United States. Established in 1994 to manufacture and sell action figures based on founder Todd McFarlane's comic book character Spawn, the international award-winning company has expanded into licensed products to become one of the premiere action figure producers on the planet.

Spawn is still the bedrock of the company -- McFarlane Toys released the 30th line of Spawn figures in 2006. Marquee toy lines include: Alien vs. Predator, Napoleon Dynamite (Twentieth Century Fox), Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, (Warner Bros.), Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Shrek (Dreamworks), and Lost (ABC Television).

McFarlane Toys also has its own line of proprietary figures including: McFarlane's Monsters, McFarlane's Military and McFarlane's Dragons. The newest venture, Pop Culture Masterworks includes 3D album covers and movie posters (Led Zeppelin, Sex Pistols, Metallica, and Jimi Hendrix, Jaws, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Rocky Horror Picture Show), McFarlane's Music figures (Motley Crüe, Slash, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bon Jovi and KISS). The latest licenses include the Hanna-Barbera cartoon library (Warner Bros) and The Simpsons (Fox).

Jerome Bettis Sports Pick figure from McFarlane Toys - amazing detail for a 6-inch figureMcFarlane Sports Picks - Today's Leader in Sports Figures

McFarlane also works with many of the top entertainment properties in the industry and has the official rights to all four major North American sports (hockey, baseball, football and basketball). The company's Sports Picks figures (action figures depicting current and former professional athletes) are the most popular and actively collected sports figures on the market today; the database of Sports Picks on this site includes more than 1,400 different figures.

The hallmark of all McFarlane products, and Sports Picks in particular, is detail. Sports Picks are created with remarkable accuracy, including details like logo patches on the uniforms, specific shoes or gloves, tattoos, artwork on masks, etc. Even when scrutinized for small details such as the width of a stripe on a player's sock, Sports Picks are found to be accurate more than 95% of the time - a remarkable level of performance for 6" tall plastic figures that retail for $10.

Most Sports Picks action figures are six inches tall and released in series. McFarlane typically releases two to three regular series of figures of current players per sport per year. Additionally, McFarlane releases one to two series per year per sport of famous former players (these are called Legends or Cooperstown series). Within each of these series are chase and variant figures as well as the regular figures. (For more information about chase and variant figures, read the article What is the Difference Between a Chase and a Variant Action Figure?)

McFarlane also produces series of 3" figures for each sport and has issued some 12" figures. Outside of the normal retail releases, McFarlane creates exclusive figures that are sold only during events like Super Bowls, Hall of Fame Inductions and the NHL Hockey All-Star Game, or that are sold only through their website or their retail store in Arizona. On occasion, McFarlane has produced figures that were given away as promotional items at specific sporting events.

McFarlane Military action figureMcFarlane Military Action Figures - Commemorating America's Finest

In 2005 McFarlane debuted their new Military line of action figures. Like the Sports Picks McFarlane Military figures are extremely realistic recreations of servicemen and women from all five branches of America's services. These figures are not licensed per se - the Pentagon does not license or approve commercial products - and as such they can not include details like unit patches or other DoD insignias. In spite of this limitation, the realism, from the patterns of material in the uniforms to the design and selection of weapons for each figure, is remarkable.

Currently, only modern soldier or sailors are featured in the Military line. The company has not excluded the possibility of issuing American and Allied military figures from World War II in upcoming releases.

More Information on McFarlane Toys Action Figures:

McFarlane Sports Picks and Action Figure News:

2/23/2009 McFarlane Releases Photos of NFL Legends 5 Sports Picks
2/17/2009 McFarlane Releases 2009 Basketball Sports Picks Lineups
2/17/2009 McFarlane Releases 2009 Hockey Sports Picks Lineups
2/16/2009 McFarlane to Produce New Line of College Football Sports Picks
2/15/2009 McFarlane Releases Photos of MLB Series 7 3-inch Sports Picks
2/15/2009 Clark Toys Releases Unofficial Lists of Players for McFarlane NFL 2009 3-inch Series
2/14/2009 McFarlane Releases Photos of Derek Jeter MLB Collector Edition Figure
2/14/2009 Clark Toys Releases Unofficial List of McFarlane NFL 2009 12-inch and 6-inch two-pack Sports Picks Figures
2/14/2009 Clark Toys Releases Unofficial Lists of Players for McFarlane NFL 2009 Waves 1, 2 and 3
2/5/2009 McFarlane Releases MLB 2009 Wave 1 Sports Picks Photos
2/5/2009 McFarlane Releases MLB 2009 Toys R Us Exclusives Sports Picks Photos
12/23/2008 McFarlane Releases 2009 NHL Wave 1 Sports Picks Photos
12/23/2008 McFarlane Releases 2009 Basketball Sports Picks Photos
12/11/2008 McFarlane Provides Two Announcements Regarding Chase Figures
12/11/2008 Target to Carry NFL 2008 Wave 3 Sports Picks
10/17/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of Cooperstown Series 6
9/21/2008 McFarlane Reissues Hines Ward Figure as Store Exclusive
9/21/2008 Brett Favre Figures Added to 2008 NFL Wave 3
9/21/2008 NFL Legends 5 Lineup Announced
9/21/2008 McFarlane Publishes Spring 2009 Release Schedule
9/21/2008 McFarlane Debuts NBA 15 Photos, Announces Lineup Changes
9/21/2008 Changes Announced to 2009 Sports Picks Lineup
9/21/2008 McFarlane to Release Grosnor Exclusive NHL Sports Picks Figures
9/20/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of NFL 2008 Wave 3
9/20/2008 NBA Series 16 Sports Picks Announced
7/25/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of NHL Series 20
7/25/2008 McFarlane Publishes Lineups and Schedules for 2009 Baseball Sports Picks
7/24/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of NHL Legends 7
7/24/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of 2008 NFL Wave 2
7/24/2008 McFarlane Unveils Cooperstown Series 6 Lineup
7/23/2008 McFarlane Announces Release Schedule for Sports Picks
5/22/2008 McFarlane Confirms Chase Figures for MLB 18
5/21/2008 McFarlane Adds Dion Phaneuf to NHL 20 Lineup
5/21/2008 McFarlane Changes Sports Picks Release Approach
5/21/2008 McFarlane Announces Exclusive Trevor Linden Sports Pick Figure
5/21/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of Three NFL 3-packs
5/21/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of Exclusive BC Sports Figures
4/18/2008 McFarlane Announces Change to NHL Legends 7 Sports Picks Lineup
4/16/2008 McFarlane Plans Major Change to Chases in Future Editions
4/16/2008 McFarlane Announces Major Redesign on Sports Picks Packaging
4/16/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos for NFL 2008 Wave 1
3/28/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of MLB Fanfest Figures
3/24/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of New Ultimate Team Sets
3/24/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of Mariano Rivera Collector's Edition
3/17/2008 McFarlane Plans Two New Multi-Figure New York Giants Releases
3/15/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of 12" LaDainian Tomlinson Figure
3/13/2008 McFarlane Makes Changes to Upcoming NFL Figures
3/10/2008 McFarlane Makes Adjustments to NBA 15 Lineup
3/8/2008 McFarlane Releases Photos of Brett Favre Collector's Edition
3/3/2008 McFarlane Toys Releases Photos of NHL 19
2/17/2008 McFarlane Provides Sneak Peaks of Collector Edition Favre and Tomlinson Figures
2/16/2008 McFarlane Announces MLB Fanfest Exclusive Figures
2/16/2008 McFarlane Plans John Riggins Figure for Hall of Fame Exclusive
12/13/2007 McFarlane Releases Canadian-only NHL Series 18 Photos and Expands Series
12/12/2007 McFarlane Announces Lineup Changes for MLB 22 and NFL 17
10/24/2007 McFarlane Swaps Anquan Boldin for Matt Leinart 2 in Upcoming Collector Club Release
10/24/2007 McFarlane Unveils Photos of NHL Series 17
10/23/2007 McFarlane Releases Preliminary Figure Schedule for 2008
10/8/2007 McFarlane Posts Photos of MLB Series 20 and Red Sox / Mets Three Packs
10/5/2007 McFarlane Releases Photos of Cooperstown 5
9/10/2007 McFarlane Plans Two Arizona Cardinal Exclusives in 2008
9/5/2007 Bobby Hull Arena Giveaway 3" Figure Planned
8/31/2007 NBA Three-Inch Sports Picks Photos Released
8/31/2007 Sale Dates for Seven NFL All-Star Vinyls Released
8/20/2007 McFarlane Releases Photos of NHL Legends 6 Sports Picks
8/13/2007 McFarlane Debuts 12" Sports Picks Figure of Bobby Orr in His Famous Game-Winning Pose
8/12/2007 McFarlane Displays Photos of Upcoming NBA Series 13 Figures
7/31/2007 McFarlane Releases Sports Picks Lineups for 2008
7/23/2007 McFarlane Confirms Super Chase Albert Pujols Figure in MLB 19
6/29/2007 McFarlane Unveils NFL 16 Sports Picks Photos
6/15/2007 McFarlane Releases Photos of NFL 3-Packs of Sports Picks Figures
6/8/2007 McFarlane Releases Photos of Jim Brown HOF Exclusive Sports Picks Figure
6/3/2007 McFarlane Announces Cooperstown Series 5 Lineup
5/28/2007 New NFL 3-packs From McFarlane Planned for October 2007
5/25/2007 McFarlane Releases Photos of NHL Legends 5
5/21/2007 McFarlane Releases Photos of NBA Legends 3
5/17/2007 McFarlane Announces First Legends Three-Pack
5/17/2007 McFarlane Announces 12" Walter Payton NFL SP Action Figures
5/14/2007 McFarlane Releases Photos of First Ultimate NFL Team Sets
5/4/2007 McFarlane Plans Barry Bonds '756' Collector's Edition Figure to Accompany All-Star Exclusive Release
4/27/2007 McFarlane Announces Collectors Edition David Ortiz
4/6/2007 Two Exclusive Sports Picks Action Figures Announced for San Francisco All-Star FanFest
4/5/2007 McFarlane and Phoenix Coyotes give away Shane Doan Figure at Jobing.com Arena
4/1/2007 McFarlane Posts NFL Three-Inch Series 5 Photos
4/1/2007 McFarlane Releases Photography for NFL Series 15
3/23/2007 McFarlane Releases Photography for NFL Legends 3
3/16/2007 McFarlane Announces Exclusive Jose Reyes Figure
2/23/2007 McFarlane Releases MLB Series 19 Photos and Announces Chase Rivera in MLB 18
2/16/2007 McFarlane and Phoenix Coyotes give away Curtis Joseph Figure at Jobing.com Arena
2/9/2007 McFarlane Releases NHL Series 15 Photos
2/2/2007 McFarlane Releases MLB Series 18 Photos
1/19/2007 McFarlane Releases Military Series 5 Photos


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