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Upper Deck All-Star Vinyls Action Figures

All-Star Vinyl sports figure of Brett Favre from Upper DeckA Leader in Sports Cards and Collectibles

Few sports collectors would argue that Upper Deck revolutionized the sports trading card hobby in 1989 with the release of their first set of baseball cards. Since that time the company has continued to grow and drive innovation in the sports collector hobby. The cornerstone of the company's business remains sports trading cards, but over the years it has expanded to include other products and services. Those businesses include: Upper Deck Authenticated®; Upper Deck Digital; Upper Deck Entertainment; and Upper Deck International.

All-Star Vinyls: A New Style of Sports Figures

Upper Deck put a new face on the sports figure market with their LeBron James All-Star Vinyl figure in 2006, followed by two four-figure sets of The LeBrons in partnership with Nike®. Click here to learn more about vinyl figures. In 2007 the company released their first league-licensed All-Star Vinyl figures with the January NFL release of Ben Roethlisburger, Tom Brady and Brett Favre. The company has a full line of current and former NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB athletes to be released on the All-Star Vinyl label in 2007.

Prototype of Pro-Shots Michael Jordan figure from Upper Deck.Returning to Realism With Pro-Shots

Recognizing the success of the McFarlane action figures, Upper Deck is now selling a new product line called Pro-Shots. Unlike the All-Star Vinyls, Pro-Shots feature highly accurate 6" figures that depict great moments in famous players' careers. The first series of Pro-Shots are now in the stores and Series 2 comes out in March, 2009. These series feature Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Muhammad Ali is also planned.

For each figure, two versions are issued - a "retail version" which is sold at Toys R Us, shows the athlete in the attire he was wearing for the famous moment being depicted. (For example, in the 1985 slam dunk competition shown to your right, Jordan was wearing the red uniform.) The retail version is packaged in a plastic clamshell with a cardboard wrap-around, and includes an Upper Deck card. The second version issued is a "hobby version," which is sold through various hobby resellers like sports collectibles websites. The hobby version features the same pose but uses an alternate uniform - in the above example, the hobby version is a white uniform. Hobby versions are packaged in plastic clamshells and I don't believe they come with a card - I need to confirm that.

I will be updating the Pro Shots portion of this website very shortly - for now, take a look at my Upper Deck Pro Shots Series 1 and Series 2 Write-up.

More information about this product line should be available shortly, and the first Pro-Shots should go on sale in the fall of 2008. Click here for more information about Pro-Shots.

MVPs Feature Team Mascots With a Vinyl Attitude

A brand new product line in the works for Upper Deck is a collection of NFL vinyl collectibles called MVPs. Click here to learn more about vinyl figures.

MVPs are collectibles referred to in the urban vinals hobby as sports themed platform toys. The concept is that the product starts with a single platform, in this case a generic 8" football figure. Designers create a variety of different original artwork designs to go on the platform. MVPs will be created to represent the 32 different NFL team mascots.

Upper Deck chose eight well-known vinyl designers, including Jesse Hernandez, MAD, Niark1, Rebel Wookiee, Sket One, Spanky, TWEEQiM and UNKLBrand, to craft the artwork for the series. The MVPs will be released in groups starting in the Fall of 2008. As is typical for these types of collectibles, edition sizes will be limited. Ultimately, Upper Deck plans to expand this product line into other sports and other artists as well.

More information, including sample photos of MVPs, is expected in the coming weeks.

Information on Upper Deck All-Star Vinyls:

NEW! A Conversation with Upper Deck - Dave Sanders of Upper Deck answers questions about the new Pro Shots and MVP lines, Quarter Kicks, the mini All-Star Vinyls and the future of the All-Star Vinyl line.

Upper Deck All-Star Vinyl News:

7/27/2008 First Photos of 10" All-Star Vinyls Revealed
5/21/2008 Upper Deck Releases Concept Art Photos for Pro Shots Series 2
4/18/2008 Upper Deck Releases Photos for LeBron James II All-Star Vinyl
4/18/2008 Upper Deck Releases Photos for Sidney Crosby II All-Star Vinyl
3/14/2008 Upper Deck Releases Concept Art for Lebron James II All-Star Vinyl
3/13/2008 Upper Deck Releases Concept Art for Sidney Crosby II All-Star Vinyl
3/10/2008 Platinum Kobe All-Star Vinyl Goes on Sale March 18
3/9/2008 Upper Deck Announces New MVP Line of NFL Team Mascot Figures
3/9/2008 Upper Deck Releases Concept Art for Kobe Bryant II All-Star Vinyl
2/27/2008 Upper Deck Releases Revised All-Star Vinyl Schedule and Hints at New Mini ASV Line
2/25/2008 Vince Carter All-Star Vinyl Figures Go On Sale February 26/27
2/22/2008 Upper Deck Announces Pro-Shots Action Figures Line
12/13/2007 Tom Brady Platinum Figure Vinyl To Be Released Today to Club Members
12/5/2007 Brian Urlacher All-Star Vinyl Figures Go On Sale December 18
12/4/2007 New Platinum Figure Vinyl To Be Released Based On Club Member Votes
11/21/2007 Upper Deck to Sell Shaquille O'Neal and LaDainian Tomlinson All-Star Vinyls This Week
10/31/2007 Upper Deck Releases Concept Artwork for MLB Vinyls
10/30/2007 Reggie Bush All-Star Vinyl Figures Go On Sale Today
10/21/2007 LaDainian Tomlinson All Star Vinyl Photos Published
9/13/2007 Upper Deck Lays Out Release Schedule for End of 2007
9/13/2007 Upper Deck Offers Major Changes to All-Star Vinyl Program
9/10/2007 Ben Roethlisberger Figures Go On Sale September 12/13
8/17/2007 Upper Deck Plans Sale of Previous Exclusives for Platinum Club Members
8/8/2007 Upper Deck Announces Release Schedule for Three Allen Iverson Figures
8/1/2007 Upper Deck Announces Release Schedule for THREE LeBron James Figures
7/31/2007 Upper Deck Set to Sell LeBron James Retro Vinyl
7/28/2007 Upper Deck Provides First Look at Several Upcoming Figures
7/22/2007 Upper Deck Announces White Uniform Edition Kobe Bryant All-Star Vinyl
7/17/2007 Platinum Club Memberships Go On Sale
7/3/2007 Plans for All-Star Vinyl Platinum Club Released
7/2/2007 Upper Deck Announces Black Edition Kobe Bryant All-Star Vinyl
7/1/2007 Visit Major League Baseball's All-Star Fanfest To Pick Up a Babe
6/26/2007 Upper Deck Announces Sale Date for Babe Ruth All-Star Vinyl Figures
6/16/2007 Upper Deck Plans Black Ovechkin All-Star Vinyl on June 23
6/14/2007 Joe Sakic All-Star Vinyl Figure Sales Info Announced
5/15/2007 Upper Deck Schedules Release of Latest NBA All-Star Vinyl
5/8/2007 Upper Deck Schedules Release of Second NHL All-Star Vinyl
4/30/2007 Upper Deck Releases Plans to Sell Limited Edition Sidney Crosby Black Edition All-Star Vinyl Figure
4/27/2007 Kobe Bryant Upper Deck All-Star Vinyl Figures Sell Out in 45 Minutes
3/12/2007 Upper Deck Announces Joe Sakic All-Star Vinyl for 2007
2/27/2007 Upper Deck Releases First Design Artwork of Babe Ruth All-Star Vinyl
2/19/2007 Upper Deck Releases First Colorized Photo of Babe Ruth All-Star Vinyl
2/13/2007 Upper Deck Releases Photo and Illustration of Upcoming Licensed NBA Figures
2/1/2007 Upper Deck Launches 1,000 Limited-Edition Favre, Roethlisberger, Brady Vinyl Action Figures Week of Super Bowl


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