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Action Figure News
McFarlane to Release Grosnor Exclusive NHL Sports Picks Figures

Seven 6-inch Figures Along with Reissues of Two 6-inch and three 3-inch Figures Planned for Fall, 2008

Source: McFarlane Toys — Posted 9/21/2008

McFarlane will be issuing a series of exclusive 6-inch NHL Sports Picks figures and reissuing two 6-inch and three 3-inch figures for Grosnor Distribution Incorporated, one of the largest collectible distributors in Canada.

This is the second year McFarlane has produced a Grosnors series. The 2008 Grosnors series features several NHL figures with new looks to them, as well as the Sports Picks Debut of one of the league's top rookies. The series includes:

  • Mats Sundin 2 - 2000 All-Star jersey re-paint
  • Roberto Luongo 2 - Vancouver's standout goalie in the Canucks' new uniform
  • Henrik Sedin 2 - The Canucks' talented wing takes aim with a wicked slapshot
  • Sam Gagner - Edmonton's breakout rookie enjoys his Sports Picks debut
  • Saku Koivu - Montreal's captain hasn't been available single-packed since 2003
  • Daniel Alfredsson 2 - His second figure is available single-packed for the first time
  • Jarome Iginla 2 - Calgary's captain shows off the Flames' white uniform
In addition to these Sports Picks figures, Grosnor will also bring in a new supply of 3-inch NHL figures (Alexander Ovechkin, Martin Brodeur and Sidney Crosby) and two recent 6-inch Sports Picks figures (Johnny Bower and Sidney Crosby 2).

Grosnor distributes product into Zellers stores and specialty/hobby shops all over Canada.

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