Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gracelyn Re-plays - You Don't Call, You Don't Write . . .

Dealing with Gracelyn regarding background information about their company and their Re-plays product line has been a source of frustration. I've sent them a half-dozen emails and faxes to get information from them, and the silence of their responses has been deafening. Frankly, based on this lack of communication I'm starting to wonder if the company is run by my ex-wife.

This website is a superb source of FREE advertising for the companies. I don't get anything from McFarlane, Upper Deck or anyone else to keep this site running - so all the 2,500+ pages of this site do is GIVE them the kind of promotion they normally would have to pay a fortune for.

Which makes me scratch my head a bit about Gracelyn. I mean, if they want McFarlane to continue to kick their ass in the marketplace, that's up to them. I'm assuming they would like to actually grow their business and for that reason it would behoove them to respond to legitimate media inquiries from folks like me.

If you manage to find a way to communicate with someone at Gracelyn - where they actually communicate back - would you be so kind as to refer them to this site and ask them to contact me?


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