Thursday, June 7, 2007

Some Nice Exposure for Sports Action

Sports Action recently received some very nice exposure. This site was recently featured on the home page of with the following info:

Sports Action Figures Site Bulks Up
He's the go-to guy for McFarlane and other types of action figures but Jeff Schaefer isn't trying to be Wal Mart. He'll settle for being the official librarian/historian/documentarian.

That then linked to a copy of my a story on how sports action has hit the 2,500 figure mark in its search database. That's great! Those write-ups can only help bring more people to these pages, and perhaps add some collectors to our hobby as well.

By the way, if you own a website that is geared to sports, sports action figures, toys, collectibles, etc. I hope you'll contact me about a link exchange. These exchanges help both of us. Search engines rank our sites on a variety of factors, including who is linking to us. Inbound links from relevant websites place you higher in search results. Like Paris Hilton, it's free and easy. Also it's effective in building your website traffic . . . it's common sense, folks. For more information about a link exchange, visit the link exchange page of this site.

Other news - Congratulations to the Anaheim Ducks for winning the Stanley Cup!

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cooll website, cool blog!

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